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Thursday, April 02, 2015

midnight wind chimes

wandering around the house at midnight,
on a secret mission
(for tums
or advil
or something else i’ve forgotten) --

i am akin to silence:
we are partners in the night.... 

creeping through her,
(silence, yes, feels like a ‘she’....)
with her, around her,
we do our care-full duties....

then breezes
stir the windchimes on the deck,

drawing my gaze outward:

silverglow from the moon,
muffled under wooly cloud,

and underneath,
even birds hunker....

silence and i pause on our rounds
and take in the breeze,
the chimes,
the hunkering birds,
and we hug ourselves just a little bit –

grateful for shelter,
and children,
and each other....

beth anne boardman

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